Charity partner

LexisNexis Legal Awards are proud to be supporting JUSTICE at the 2024 event.


JUSTICE is a law reform charity working to build a fair, accessible justice system that respects the rights of all. Over our 67-year history we have transformed the legal landscape for the better, led by evidence, expertise, and a focus on practical solutions. 

As the only NGO whose work spans the whole of the UK justice system - from family and housing law to policing, benefits decision making, and more – our work touches the lives of people across the country. Key legal bodies we now take for granted such as the Ombudsman, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board were all proposed and supported into being by JUSTICE. 

Our recent work has:
•    Improved the criminal justice system for people with mental health or learning difficulties. 
•    Shielded journalists from misuse of police powers.
•    Helped protect the Human Rights Act.
– and much more. 

JUSTICE’s work is grounded in deep subject-matter expertise: we distil insights from a wide range of experts to develop realistic solutions to key challenges. We then use this research to advise policymakers, lawyers, civil servants, and others on how to build a better justice system. 

JUSTICE is a cross-party membership organisation with members from students to senior judges.